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I started NYLegalAR-15.com out of love for the AR-15 platform and because I had to do hours of research, looking through forums, calling business after business, and watching way too many hours of YouTube videos just to learn all the things I now know about how to purchase, build, and own AR-15 platform firearms in New York State – all without disturbing Emperor Cuomo. Most of the info available is focused on California compliance which varies greatly from New York.

My goal with this project is to save New Yorkers time, money, and hassle while helping them exercise their second amendment rights to own the most popular and easy to use modern sporting rifle known to man.

If you know any New Yorkers who are curious about owning an AR-15, please send them to the site and our YouTube channel so they can gain confidence in owning an AR-15 in NY.


I, like many other freedom loving Americans, purchased my first AR-15 in 2020 – contributing to the largest recorded amount of gun sales in U.S. history on the civilian market. After purchasing my first AR-15 rifle and having to teach myself so much about how to clean it, fix issues, modify parts, and keep it running smoothly, I fell in love with how versatile the platform is and I started building my own SAFE Act compliant AR style rifles for hunting and sporting purposes.

Now my goal is to own an AR-15 in every caliber possible and to take you along for the journey!


I only write about experiences I have had first-hand and I don’t endorse products or services that I myself wouldn’t use.


I actually use every product or service I review and I’m honest with my recommendations.


I get it, any restriction or gun control law is unconstitutional in nature and a direct violation of the 2nd amendment – that isn’t up for debate. However, I choose to remain compliant with all NYS laws regarding firearms and I only endorse products and services that help you maintain compliance as well.


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