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Treat Every Firearm As If It Were Loaded At All Times

Every time you handle a firearm, keep it pointed in a safe direction and check the chamber to ensure it is unloaded before further handling. Even after you have confirmed that the firearm is unloaded you must continue to treat it as if it were loaded. Good habits with gun handling should be cultivated from the very first time you handle a firearm. Always remember that, although guns cannot cause harm on their own, careless handling can cause serious injury or even death in an instant.

Muzzle Awareness

You are ultimately responsible for every bullet that leaves the end of your muzzle! Only allow the firearm to aim in a direction that is safe while remaining fully aware of your backstop knowing that any accidental discharges are your sole responsibility. Remember, many types of bullets can penetrate walls, windows, doors, ceilings and many other common surroundings with the potential to ricochet off of various surfaces.

Keep Your Finger Off The Trigger

Safeties, while very efficient, can fail and flinching or being startled can cause you to squeeze a trigger without meaning too. This is why it is imperative that you keep your fingers completely outside of the trigger guard area and never rest your finger on the trigger. Only place your finger on the trigger after you have lined up your sights towards a completely safe target with intention to hit it and have made the decision to fire.

Know Your Backstop

Again, you are solely responsible for every bullet that leaves the muzzle, whatever direction it goes in and untimely where it lands. Many bullets can travel for miles and depending on what is in their path they can ricochet sending them into an undesired direction; therefore, you need to be aware of exactly where your bullet is going to impact before pulling the trigger. Before deciding to fire you need to ensure that any movement, sound or color has been fully identified as your intended target.


Guns are mechanical in nature and like any tool they need proper care and maintenance to maintain efficiency. Always clean, lube and store your firearms according to their manufacturer’s recommendations to ensure they continue to function properly. Always function check your gun before use.


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